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Hey what’s up everybody

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As head of RKO publicity in New York, Eli Orowitz assumed he would be able to find similar work from his employer in California. Once the family had moved to Los Angeles, however, Eli just couldn get his foot in the door. In a 1962 interview with TV Guide Michael Landon said of his father:. [...]

Ain’t nothing cooler than fighter

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The city’s more conservative weed enterprises are several miles from the Green Mile, in an industrial northern suburb. Zoning regulations dictate that no marijuana dispensary can be located within 1,000 yards of a school, so River Rock is in the most sensible spot that its owners could find: next to a metal works, and opposite [...]

The governor plans to tour local

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This industry is simply on the verge of exploding.Average Salary and Future Job ProspectsThe average salary for these positions is rather skewed as most of the workers in this field are employed in California. Unfortunately, this means that the expected rate of pay in other parts of the country will be lower, more along the [...]

because the military loves both

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A local police officer who had been stationed in front of the courthouse since the beginning of jury selection in early January, and was present on the day of opening statements, said he had only seen a handful of Hernandez jerseys outside the courthouse. This could be explained by the ban on Patriots gear throughout [...]