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you are on your own

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This really comes into play with real estate. Raw land is very hard to lend against. Improved land is better as it is more saleable as long as it is not improved for a single purpose like a car wash facility or mobile home park. I think that was a benefit for the children. I [...]

packing is the absolute

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An exaggeration, no doubt. But with parachute funds, billionaire investors and heavyweight clubs aplenty, this was still supposed to be the toughest Championship season anyone could remember. And yet, here was Wagner with one of the smaller budgets in the division, reeking of champagne after seeing his side defeat Jaap Stam’s Reading in the play [...]

was chosen in the fifth round

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A win would make McCarthy 91 48 1 during the regular season as the Packers’ head coach. The Packers have recorded three home games with 40 plus points. Dating back to 1940, it is tied for the second most 40 plus point games at home by Green Bay, trailing only the five 40 point games [...]

hydro to the states

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Lakes). BC and hydro already IS the future of clean energy!Site C is not needed. We are currently selling excess hydro to the states well below our cost. The last leg of the drive, Highway 133, follows the Richelieu River along a beautiful, historic corridor known as le chemin des Patriotes, named for the nearby [...]